3278: Barcena Morel, Fuente de (2050 (French: SCD))
Arredondo 30T 451972 4791601 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 152m
Area position

Updated 23rd May 2015; 11th February 2016; 24th September 2018

According to Simonnot G, 2016, the site position is ETRS89 0451977 4791604.

An important, all-year-round, impenetrable spring. The water joins the Río Asón after 200m. Catalogued for 'completeness'.

This was a site for OBA detectors at Easter 2015 when downstream Cueva Vallina was traced to Cueva Comellante. The site lies on private land and the owner is not very happy if permission to cross to the resurgence is not sought.

Reference: anon., 2009b (Whit logbook); anon., 2015b (Easter logbook); Simonnot G, 2016; Simonnot G, 2018
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