1655: dig (Pants)
La Secada 30T 451238 4797578 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 245m
Length c15m Depth 4m
Area position

Updated 21st October 2001; 30th April, 2nd November 2002; 25th May 2003; 3rd May, 14th October 2004; 11th October 2005; 1st February 2006; 30th September 2017

An excavated hole that draughts strongly. "A Pile of Pants".
At Easter 2004, a second hole was excavated slightly above and to the right. This has gone over the top of the original dig, is connected, and the site with the strong draught "will go".
In the summer the site did "go" through a crawl to two further possible digs, both of which draught. The favoured hole towards the end of 2005 was the small rift down to the right.
In August 2017, the site was draughting well.

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