Video for site 48: (by Juan Corrin with Jenny Corrin, Michael Finegan, Katie Mason)
Blowhole 1  2  Orange crystal pool  Red stal floor   Red stal   Red stal at Eagle Passage  Calcite slope
Combined video, photo presentation of the Astronomoses Aven extensions (26Mb download)
From YouTube - video of Ian Chandler film making with puppets (2010)

From Espeleo50 - Coterón - Reñada through trip

Removing diving equipment from sump 1 to Squirrel's Passage

Family trip into Reñada, Easter 2013 (YouTube)

D3 Series, summer 2013 (10s) (YouTube)

Photo Trip, autumn 2014 (YouTube)

Some activities from the summer 2015 (YouTube)

Torben Redder family trip, summer 2017 (YouTube)

The Next Generation, summer 2017 (YouTube)