Digital photos in Dead Animals... and Skull Chamber,
December 2006 by Paul Dold (A1, A2) & Paul Fretwell
(A3 - D4)
with .
A1, A2: Fossils from Dead Animals All Around.
A3: Human skull
B1-D1: Other bones around Skull Chamber
D2: A 3m deep hole in Skull Chamber

D3: Anaglyphic picture of the human skull
(requires red/cyan glasses.




A 2366-pd-2006w-01.jpg 2366-pd-2006w-02.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-04.jpg
B 2366-pf-2006w-07.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-08.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-10.jpg
C 2366-pf-2006w-11.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-12.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-13.jpg
D 2366-pf-2006w-15.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-21.jpg 2366-pf-2006w-23.jpg