Digital photos in the entrance series,
December 2006 by Juan Corrin
with Ian Chandler (e.g. E2),
Steve Martin (e.g. B3) and John
Thorp (A3).
A1: Chamber near the surface.
A2, C3, D1, E1: Layered calcite and cobbles
A3-B2: Tigger Series showing faecal deposits (B2)
B3: Climb up from when main passage
mud chokes and E2, following passage.
C1, C2: Kings Dig
D2, D3: Passage back from chamber
near the surface.




A 2366-jc-2006-02.jpg 2366-jc-2006-03.jpg 2366-jc-2006-04.jpg
B 2366-jc-2006-06.jpg 2366-jc-2006-07.jpg 2366-jc-2006-08.jpg
C 2366-jc-2006-09.jpg 2366-jc-2006-10.jpg 2366-jc-2006-17.jpg
D 2366-jc-2006-20.jpg 2366-jc-2006-25.jpg 2366-jc-2006-28.jpg
E 2366-jc-2006-34.jpg 2366-jc-2006-37.jpg