Scanned slides by Alisdair Neill (A1-C2,
1995 and 1996) and Peter Eagan (C3-E2).
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A1: Passage before Swirl Chamber.
A2: Where Who Knows Goes.
A3: Skeleton in Where Who Knows Goes.
B1, B2: Galería de los Elefantes.
B3: Where Who Knows Goes.
C1: Galería de los Elefantes.
C2: Butterly Passage.
C3: Alisdair Neill on Thornton Force.
D1-D3: Unknown location (in Valline 1).
E1: Alisdair Neill in the choke between
Valline 1 and 2.




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D 0733-pe-02.jpg 0733-pe-03.jpg 0733-pe-04.jpg
E 0733-pe-05.jpg 0733-pe-06.jpg