Scanned B&W negatives of the top level
by Juan Corrin (1989). Click to enlarge.
A1: Looking out to the top entrance.
A1,A2: Slope at the bottom of the first pitch.
B1-C1: Top level.
C2: View down from big slope.
Note tiny figure below.
D1: Ann Robertson with antlers.
D2: The Chunnel.




A 0733-jc-02.jpg 0733-jc-01.jpg 0733-jc-03.jpg
B 0733-jc-04.jpg 0733-jc-05.jpg 0733-jc-06.jpg
C 0733-jc-07.jpg 0733-jc-08.jpg 0733-jc-09.jpg
D 0733-jc-10.jpg 0733-jc-11.jpg