Digital photos 2004 by the Alternative DCC (A1-A3) and
Pavol Cerven (B1-F3) with Jana Cervenová and
Billy Booth (B1)
A1, A2: Roy Hayes remembrance
A3: View out of the entrance
B1-F3: Formations - some with available light




A 0489_adcc_2004_01.jpg 0489_adcc_2004_05.jpg 0489_adcc_2004_09.jpg
B 0489_pce_2004_02.jpg 0489_pce_2004_05.jpg 0489_pce_2004_07.jpg
C 0489_pce_2004_08.jpg 0489_pce_2004_09.jpg 0489_pce_2004_10.jpg
D 0489_pce_2004_11.jpg 0489_pce_2004_12.jpg 0489_pce_2004_13.jpg
E 0489_pce_2004_14.jpg 0489_pce_2004_15.jpg 0489_pce_2004_16.jpg
F 0489_pce_2004_20.jpg 0489_pce_2004_21.jpg 0489_pce_2004_23.jpg