Digital photos of the pottery found high in the
main chamber near the bone breccia
area, February 2007 by John Thorp (A1-C2)
and Juan Corrin
A1-C1: View of some of the pottery in situ
and the general area.
D1-D3: Three pieces removed from the surface.




A 0059-jt-2007-09.jpg 0059-jt-2007-10.jpg 0059-jt-2007-11.jpg
B 0059-jt-2007-12.jpg 0059-jt-2007-13.jpg 0059-jt-2007-14.jpg
C 0059-jt-2007-16.jpg 0059-jt-2007-18.jpg
D 0059-jc-2007-12.jpg 0059-jc-2007-13.jpg 0059-jc-2007-14.jpg