Digital photos around the bone breccia
area, February 2007 by Juan Corrin (A1-B1)
and John Thorp (B2-C2)
with Steve Martin (e.g. B3)
A2, 3: Presumed modern (but faded), carbide graffiti at the
start of the breccia passage.
B1: Gour pool front or large bone?
B2: Various bones.
B3: Embedded bone.
C1: General view.
C2: Looking up at a bone protruding from
the bottom surface of a section of the breccia.




A 0059-jc-2007-07.jpg 0059-jc-2007-08.jpg 0059-jc-2007-10.jpg
B 0059-jc-2007-11.jpg 0059-jt-2007-02.jpg 0059-jt-2007-04.jpg
C 0059-jt-2007-06.jpg 0059-jt-2007-08.jpg