Digital photos in Cueva-Cubio de la Reñada by Frank Addis (A1, D5),
Mandy Fu (C5, D2), Lank Mills (D2- E2) and Juan Corrin (A2-C4)
with Pete Smith (A5). (27th October 2008).
Photos D2 - E2 have been scanned from (sometimes duplicated) slides.
The colour on these has been "enhanced" to resemble reality.
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Conservation problems in Reñada
Blood Alley
A1: Pool in Blood Alley in 1977.
Even then, mud can be seen on the left of the pool.
A4, B3, B4: The same pool and surroundings coated in fine mud/silt, 2008
B1, B2, B5: Drips remove mud to show orange below.
A5: Red pool with ceiling reflection, just off the damaged areas.
C1: Pool off the floor has bits of debris.
C3: A view down into part of Blood Alley. The floor should be orange.
D2: The problem - muddy caver touching floor and walls.
E2: Pool crystals.

Other areas
A2, A3: Mud (easily removed) on the Stuffed Monk
and a nearby formation.
C5: Candle wax splatters on the bottom left of the Stuffed Monk.
C2: Carbide dump, one of many.
C4: Unusual black / orange banded stal with muddy top.
D1: Mud on, and too close to, formations in Stuffed Monk Passage.
D3, D4: Compare with D1.
D5, E1: Early photos of the Stuffed Monk.
More pictures of the Stuffed Monk and Passage by Jonas Binladen
can be found on the main Reñada page.







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