Digital photos from the summer 2006 explorations up Astronomoses Aven through the Out of This World passages to the link with Torca de Papá Noel at Floorless Chamber.
L4-O6: Anastomoses Hall and photos around the base of Astronomoses Aven taken by Phil Papard with Terry Whitaker (e.g. Anastomoses Hall, O2), Dan Hibberts and Dave Cowley (M1). In O6 at base of aven clockwise from bottom right: Terry Whitaker, Juan Corrin, Katie Mason, Michael Finegan, Jenny Corrin and Ian Chandler.
A1-L3: photos on climb and beyond by Dave Cowley, except at least L1 by Dan Hibberts (with Dave Cowley), with Dan Hibberts (e.g. A4), Bill Sherrington (e.g. J1), Pete Pollard (e.g. J6) and Nigel Strong (e.g. E4)
Photos D5-E4 show the oblique straw joining to the vertical stal boss.
Photos F2-F6 a particularly fine collection of varied formations.

A video presentation of selected photos and video can be downloaded here (26Mb)







A 0048-dco-2006-02.jpg 0048-dco-2006-03.jpg 0048-dco-2006-04.jpg 0048-dco-2006-06.jpg 0048-dco-2006-09.jpg 0048-dco-2006-10.jpg
B 0048-dco-2006-100.jpg 0048-dco-2006-101.jpg 0048-dco-2006-102.jpg 0048-dco-2006-103.jpg 0048-dco-2006-105.jpg 0048-dco-2006-106.jpg
C 0048-dco-2006-107.jpg 0048-dco-2006-108.jpg 0048-dco-2006-109.jpg 0048-dco-2006-11.jpg 0048-dco-2006-110.jpg 0048-dco-2006-112.jpg
D 0048-dco-2006-113.jpg 0048-dco-2006-114.jpg 0048-dco-2006-115.jpg 0048-dco-2006-116.jpg 0048-dco-2006-118.jpg 0048-dco-2006-119.jpg
E 0048-dco-2006-12.jpg 0048-dco-2006-120A.jpg 0048-dco-2006-120B.jpg 0048-dco-2006-121.jpg 0048-dco-2006-122.jpg 0048-dco-2006-123.jpg
F 0048-dco-2006-126.jpg 0048-dco-2006-127.jpg 0048-dco-2006-128.jpg 0048-dco-2006-129.jpg 0048-dco-2006-130.jpg 0048-dco-2006-131.jpg
G 0048-dco-2006-132.jpg 0048-dco-2006-135.jpg 0048-dco-2006-136.jpg 0048-dco-2006-137.jpg 0048-dco-2006-138.jpg 0048-dco-2006-139.jpg
H 0048-dco-2006-14.jpg 0048-dco-2006-15.jpg 0048-dco-2006-16.jpg 0048-dco-2006-17.jpg 0048-dco-2006-19.jpg 0048-dco-2006-22.jpg
J 0048-dco-2006-27.jpg 0048-dco-2006-32.jpg 0048-dco-2006-34.jpg 0048-dco-2006-35.jpg 0048-dco-2006-36.jpg 0048-dco-2006-37.jpg
K 0048-dco-2006-38.jpg 0048-dco-2006-39.jpg 0048-dco-2006-45.jpg 0048-dco-2006-46.jpg 0048-dco-2006-47.jpg 0048-dco-2006-48.jpg
L 0048-dh-2006-117.jpg 0048-dh-2006-29.jpg 0048-dh-2006-30.jpg 0048-pp-2006-01.jpg 0048-pp-2006-03.jpg 0048-pp-2006-04.jpg
M 0048-pp-2006-05.jpg 0048-pp-2006-06.jpg 0048-pp-2006-08.jpg 0048-pp-2006-09.jpg 0048-pp-2006-10.jpg 0048-pp-2006-11.jpg
O 0048-pp-2006-12.jpg 0048-pp-2006-14.jpg 0048-pp-2006-17.jpg 0048-pp-2006-18.jpg 0048-pp-2006-21.jpg 0048-pp-2006-25.jpg