PathAway files for Matienzo

The following files (for PathAway GPS 4) should be downloaded, unzipped and the contents of each put into a folder called PathAway on a memory card for the Windows Mobile device. (Last update: 22/2/2011)

Six maps plus an area map covering the whole permit area (and more) with cave entrances, surface features and cave lines marked.
Approximately 75Mb download.

Satellite photos.
Approximately 4 x 11Mb + 5Mb download.

Within PathAway, from the Options menu:
Folders should point to the PathAway folder with these resources
Maps should have all the downloaded files ticked. (There should be no need to calibrate the files; they come pre-calibrated.)
Options/Coordinates should should have Position as UTM and Datum as European 1979.

One way to roughly check that files have installed correctly:
Point at a half-kilometre intersection cross and check that the grid reference starts with "30T" and ends with approximately "000" or "500".
e.g. the insection a few metres to the NE of Torca la Vaca is at 30T N4801500 E0448500.