Archaeological discoveries from Cubío de Redondo, site 793

Drawings from Ruiz Cobo Jesús and Smith Peter et al, 2001.
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Above: Prehistoric and medieval pottery; metallic objects including a piece from a grenade; edible snail

Below: retouched flint pieces
0793ar-96-01.gif 0793ar-96-02.gif 0793ar-96-03.gif 0793ar-96-04.gif
0793ar-96-05.gif 0793ar-96-06.gif 0793ar-96-07.gif 0793ar-96-08.gif
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0793ar-96-13.gif 0793ar-96-14.gif 0793ar-96-15.gif 0793ar-96-16.gif
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0793ar-97-05.gif 0793ar-97-06.gif 0793ar-97-07.gif 0793ar-97-08.gif
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