Eight shots of the mixed terrain on the west side of the Hazas de Cesto municipality, newly added to the permit area. (photos: Juan Corrin, Easter 2019)

Penny Corrin looking north towards El Rincón hamlet with the forested slope on the left rising to Monte Llusa. A marked footpath winds down the valley from here to El Rincón.

Straying from the path down to El Rincón can be difficult.

Fran McDonald and Lloyd Cawthorne surrounded by mixed woodland and undergrowth.

The wrong clothes. Phil Papard turning back.

Lloyd Cawthorne cave hunting amongst typical forested karst above El Rincón.

David Rigby working his way down a steep-sided depression, approaching the bramble layer.

Stepping out towards the forest with a 2-stroke hedge trimmer - one possible solution to the undergrowth problem.

The resurging stream level in El Rincón.