Digital photos of  various archaeological
artifacts, February 2007 by Juan Corrin (A1-D3)
and John Thorp (E1-E3)

A1-A2: Horn or antler.
A3-B2, C1, D3: Black pottery from depression shown B2.
Markings on C1 (lines) & D3 (dots) resemble
pottery from Cueva AER
B3, C2, D1,D2: Pottery from next gour.
C3: More modern pottery from near the entrance.
E1-E3: Animal items documented here.




A 0076-jc-2007-01.jpg 0076-jc-2007-02.jpg 0076-jc-2007-03.jpg
B 0076-jc-2007-03a.jpg 0076-jc-2007-04.jpg 0076-jc-2007-05.jpg
C 0076-jc-2007-05a.jpg 0076-jc-2007-06.jpg 0076-jc-2007-09.jpg
D 0076-jc-2007-17.jpg 0076-jc-2007-18.jpg 0076-jc-2007-19a.jpg
E 0076-jt-2007-arch-01.jpg 0076-jt-2007-arch-02.jpg 0076-jt-2007-arch-03.jpg