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Finances & Equipment

Matienzo Caves Project accounts are shown below.

Reading the Project accounts up to 2013:
1: A "financial year" is arbitary; closure and re-opening of the accounts with carry forward occurs when convenient,
    i.e. when the spreadsheet becomes too big.
2: Each line on the accounts sheet is a transaction. Credits are shown in red brackets, debits in black.
3: The pale orange and columns show the cash / bank movements in euros and/or pounds. The pale blue columns are the funds.
   Cash is kept in three places: with JC/PC; in Spain and in 2 English bank accounts
   The Expeditions account has a cash fund and runs a separate sterling bank account
4: Column totals are shown at the top (for ease of use in the spreadsheet). The orange totals = blue totals when currency     conversions are taken into account.
5: Examples from the 12th May 2013 accounts:
   Transaction 19: 2 books were bought for 28€ each and the cash put in the Spain cash store.
   More complicated -
   Transaction 3: hangers were bought by JC/PC using a card and shown in the Matienzo Caves fund as a debit
   Transaction 4: JC/PC was then reimbursed with a credit of £145
   Transaction 5: The money for the previous transaction was a debit on the English bank a/c. (JC wrote himself a cheque)
   The contra column balances money movements

Expedition Account (from Easter 2014)
This is accounted for separately, eg Expedition a/c, at Easter 2014 and then included in the overall Matienzo Caves Project accounts, eg MCP 13th May 2014 and a balance sheet, MCP 13th May 2014(BS)

From 2014, for the Matienzo Caves Project, Sue Martin administers the Current Account, Juan Corrin the Reserve Account.
Two sections show the sterling and euro balances in the Current and Reserve Accounts, eg End of Year 2014.

Accounts 12th May 2013 : 13th July 2013 : 18th August 2013 : 3rd Dec 2013 (closing) : closing statement
  3rd Dec 2013 (opening) : Expedition a/c, at Easter 2014 : MCP 13th May 2014 : MCP 13th May 2014(BS)
  2014 End of Year : 2015 Easter Expedition : 2015 End of Year : 2016 Easter Expedition : 2016 End of Year
  2017 Easter Expedition : 2017 End of Year : 2018 Easter Expedition : 2018 End of Year
  2019 Easter Expedition : 2019 End of Year : Current a/c 4/12/21 : 2021 End of Year
  Current a/c 1/6/22
Equipment end of 2014 : end of Easter 2015 : end of 2015 : end of Easter 2016 : end of 2016 : end of 2017
  end of Easter 2018 : end of 2018 : end of 2019
  end of summer 2021 : 4/12/2021 : End of 2021