Finance statement 3/12/2013

The Matienzo Caves spreadsheet with 109 transactions was finalised and closed after the summer 2013 expedition.
At that time, euros held amounted to 3991.41€ and pounds, £617.52. This was divided between the Matienzo Book fund and the Matienzo Caves fund.
By that time, the book had generated some 2104€ profit and there were 38 books left to sell (including 5 with TB), value about £760.

For the next accounting period, after adjusting the funds for previous currency conversions, the Book and Matienzo Caves funds are combined into the "Matienzo Caves Fund". This may be separated out into "Expedition", "IT" etc if the need arises.

On 3rd December, the Matienzo Caves Fund contained 4042.17€ and £767.02.

JSC 3/12/2013