1: Harry Long looking down onto the sheep shelter that encloses the entrance to Cueva-Cubío del Llanío in the middle foreground.
2: Harry Long and Juan Corrin in the entrance to site 3234 after the first exploration.
3: The entrance to site 3234. (photos: Juan Corrin)
4: The entrance crawl in site 3234. (photo: Harry Long)
5, 6: Tom Clayton and James Carlisle at the top of the field containing the entrance to Cueva-Cubío del Llanío. (photos: Mark Shinwell)
7: The team (L to R: Peter Fast, Louise Korsgaard, Torben Redder) preparing to enter Cueva-Cubío del Llanío for pushing and surveying around the Bird Wing extension. Easter 2013. (photo: Torben Redder)
8: The Napopeon Passage team (L to R: Carmen Smith, Peter Eagan, Torben Redder), Easter 2018. (photo: Carmen Smith)
9: Peter Wynn and Poppy Ambler after a second trip into Llanio collecting samples for later nitrogen analysis, January 2019. (photo: Juan Corrin)