The entrance to Concebo viewed from Cruz Ozano, possibly 1997. (photo: Juan Corrin)

entrance of 0012
Digital photos around the entrance, Easter 2006.
A1, A2 by Andy Morse; A3, B1 by Dave Cooke;
B2 by Jon Whiteley; B3, C1 by Les Williams;
scanned C2-C3  by Harry Long.
A1: Les Williams and Jon Whiteley at the western wall.
A2, B1: Entrance viewed from the southwest
A3: Any Morse at the eastern wall.
B3: Looking out from the entrance with the road
heading over Cruz Uzano.
B3-C1: Looking down from the entrance.

C2-C3: 2 distant views of the entrance.




A 0012-am-2006-26.jpg 0012-am-2006.01.jpg 0012-dc-2006-02.jpg
B 0012-dc-2006-12.jpg 0012-jw-2006-01.jpg 0012-lw-2006-02.jpg
C 0012-lw-2006-05.jpg 0012-hl-2006-01.jpg 0012-hl-2006-02.jpg