5076: Bolas, Torca (LC208)
Trillos 30T 447913 4793344 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 709m
Length 12m Depth 12m
Area position

Updated 11th November 2021

   During Spring 2021, the Club de Montaña y Espeleología La Cambera explored around the Alisas-Los Trillos area, rediscovering some MCP sites and finding new ones. They documented this site in their blog as LC208 (originally LC195), describing it as an almost perfect tube, 12m deep pit. The entrance is covered with one block.
   There is no mention of either LC208 or LC195 in the Cambera 2021 report.

Reference: anon., 2021b (Spring logbook)
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