5073: shaft (LC210)
Trillos 30T 447723 4793747 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 721m
Area position

Updated 11th November 2021

   During Spring 2021, the Club de Montaña y Espeleología La Cambera explored around the Alisas-Los Trillos area, rediscovering some MCP sites and finding new ones. They documented this site in their blog as LC210, describing it as a large rock over the entrance that needs removing. The hole is next to site 5071 (LC205) and the grid reference above has been arbitarily adjusted to provide a separate point.

Reference: anon., 2021b (Spring logbook); anon., 2021d (autumn logbook); anon. 2021e (La Cambera Rpt)
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