5067: Cópica Escarlata, Torca (LC193)
Garzón 30T 449768 4803717 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 305m
Length 550m Depth 120m
Area position

Updated 20th September, 11th November 2021

   A continuing cave which is being explored by the La Cambera in stream and fossil passage. By 16/3/21, four trips had been made down pitches with the "Ayla River". It appears to be over 300m in length and 100m depth currently ending at a drop. "We notice that Copica Escarlata little by little begins to narrow and make it difficult for us to explore."
    A trip (reported on 11/4/21) explored a fossil gallery with a draught which appeared to be mainly crawling and 200m were surveyed.
   In the summer, a trip reported on 16/8/21, mentioned having to resurvey because of errors and also entering the Squeeze Room and the Perfume Gallery.

   The following narrative is mainly Google-translated from the report.

    Right from the start, the cavity transmits good sensations. In the entrance there is a small round mushroom of an intense red color that gives its name to the cavity. The following weekend, the first entrance shaft is dropped, depositing us in a good-sized gallery. It begins with the exploration of that gallery while the topography is carried out, checking the good dimensions of the gallery that in certain places gives widths of 10 / 11m and heights of 7 to 12 m. In this gallery you begin to perceive a current of air.
    This gallery changes its morphology to a completely flat roof downhill crawl. This crawl ends in a room from where two possible continuations start, one with a short 2 m climb that takes us to a gallery that after a few meters a 6 m pitch appears that places us in a room that continues through a gallery that in a few meters it becomes choked. In the area of the crawl there is a contribution of water that is lost through an area between blocks at its end, which would require unblocking.
    In the area of the flat roof bedding of the main gallery there is a inlet, Ayla River, which will accompany us throughout the tour. At this point we descend a small projection. It continues through a narrow tube, “el tubogán”, where a narrow meander begins with several descending projections that ends in a small wet pitch. This reaches the Artichoke Pitch (-10 m). On the opposite wall a new supply of water appears through a small window that joins the main flow. At the very base of this pitch is the head of the Rain Pitch (-10 m). This divides and has walls covered with clay.
    After overcoming the previous pitch, we find ourselves in a somewhat chaotic area where the riverbed disappears through a window. In this area, after an upward section, we arrive at the Ongi Etorri Pitch, followed by the Apa! Pitch, where again the water appears through a beautiful waterfall.
    At this point, another narrow meander appears with practically no unevenness. At this moment and behind a small handrail, we are at the head of the Pozo de las Ventanas. In this pitch there are two windows, a vestige of an old gallery that has been cut by this drop. The air disappears from the main gallery and continues through one of the windows. We access the gallery of this window after a pendulum. The gallery of moderate dimensions (Gallery of the Spoiled Bodies) ends in a crawl, which after a small unobstruction gives way to a sinuous and narrow gallery with a low ceiling.
    We arrive at the UN Room, a room decorated with small formations where a couple of questions remain. We continue through another small gallery that becomes a long crawl of more than 100 meters with the floor covered with fine sand. At the end of the crawl there is an area of joints where the air disappears through a small crack that remains pending to try to unblock it. The direction of the crawl is east.
    The other window is accessed through another small pendulum that leaves us in an ascending circular room where, in its center, a hole opens that leads to a short gallery ending in a chaotic area of collapse. If we continue along the main gallery, once the Pozo de las Ventanas has been dropped and passing a large rectangular block, another 5m pitch appears, which begins a stepped meander with successive drops that ends at the moment at the current exploration point, a meander baptized as the Beast from the East.

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Entrance pictures : 2021
Underground pictures : 2021 February : August 2021
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