4924: shaft
Riolastras 30T 454168 4804089 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 207m
Length 5m Depth 5m
Area position

Updated 10th January 2020; 21st June 2021

   A small hole by the track junction which was explored on Boxing Day, 2019.
   Cave entrance likely not to be found in summer due to vegetation growth! At the base of the doline is an earthy entrance leading to clean washed limestone. Rigged from nearby trees, descending pot approx. 5m deep trending slightly back towards the track (south). Loose mud/soil at the top with significant leaf litter infill. Clean washed limestone encountered approximately 3m down with a narrow rift continuing down. Passage is approximately 1m x 60cm, but to make further progress, digging will be required. Likely to take water during heavy rains. Dig opportunity, but no stacking space within the entrance so everything must be hauled to surface and stacked within the plantation woodland. Would require haul kit and kibbles. [Description: Jess Eades]

   In June 2021, the Quebraduras windfarm proposals were published with generator positions, access roads and power line to Fuente las Varas. A 10-page Word doc was written outlining possible effects to the caves. This site (4924) could be destroyed by work around QU-01 generator.

References: anon., 2019b (Easter logbook); anon., 2019f (Christmas logbook)
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