3603: CEZ, Torca
Riva 30T 454354 4793305 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 188m
Length 2500m
Area position

Updated 5th November 2011; 19th February, 7th October 2012; 3rd March 2020; 20th June 2021

A cave discovered by the cavers from Cuenca, AEC Lobetum. The old, phreatic and, in places, well decorated system currently has a length of more than 2.3km. A survey is found in the latest volumes of Cantabra Subterránea and there is a part survey available as a 3d file - but only 500m or so. The reason for having Torca CEZ on this website is its apparent proximity to Cueva del Coverón.

In the Hoyo Mortiro depression, below the entrance, there is a resurgence the source of which is unknown. Across on the east side of the depression is another resurgence which is supposed to come from Cueva del Coverón. As both caves are within the area allocated to AEC Lobetum, a combined set of trips to resurvey Coverón and CEZ is anticipated.

An article appeared on page 14 in a local Cuencan newspaper in 2010. Further details including photos and a survey are found in the 2011 report to Cultura.

Cavers from the Colectivo Piezo made some attempt to link the cave with Cueva del Coverón in February 2020 writing, through Google Translate:
The objective was to verify where the strong current of air that sometimes occurs comes from. The hope is to unite this cave with Coverón, something not achieved by different caving clubs. This time it did not blow too much, but enough to notice a layer of cold air that is already noticeable when climbing the slope before the entrance pit. We found an unobstruction, probably performed by LBT in a painful catheter after a P4 to the right of the collapse. Down the P4, about 2m, opens a small meander slightly ascending that is losing dimensions. After a first narrow point, a slightly unobstructed crawl is found on the right, the dark stone on the sides. This crawl is very difficult to pass and only suitable for thin people. Then it opens for a few more meters with some gours to narrow again. It would be a point to review with blunt material to unclog. From the base of the landslide you can access other meandering and labyrinthine galleries that are losing height. Two other points were already forced. In one, air was blowing but they did not give the appearance of promising a step at some point with continuation expectations. The length and difference in height between the closest parts of Coverón and Torca CEZ remain to be checked with the survey ones.

Colectivo Piezo have also manually put drawn surveys of CEZ and Coverón together (Spring 2021) and the result can be inspected here.

Reference: anon., 2011e (autumn logbook); anon., 2012a (January, February logbook); AEC Lobetum, 2012; anon., 2020a (January, February logbook); anon., 2021b (Spring logbook)
Entrance pictures:
Underground pictures :
Video : video on YouTube
Detailed Survey : from AEC Lobetum, 2012
Line Survey :
On area survey : part line survey of CEZ with Coverón
Survex file : Part CEZ & Coverón with updated entrances, February 2020.