3559: cave
El Naso 30T 451274 4797114 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 330m
Area position

Updated 3rd May, 28th September 2012; 5th October 2015

An alternative GPS reading is 0451267 4797106 (August 2015)

An open tube which is currently blocked by stal. "Needs a jack hammer and generator to proceed." Some work was carried out at Easter 2012. The hole was checked after a request by the farmer for better stock-proofing in 2012. By August 2015, soil had fallen in to cover part of the hole.

Reference: anon., 2011d (summer logbook); anon., 2012b (Easter logbook); anon., 2012d (summer logbook); anon., 2015c (summer logbook)
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