3333: Bamboozle Hole
San Antonio 30T 446177 4801206 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 109m
Length 89m Depth 13m
Area position

Updated 5th, 8th June 2019

   A depression, completely filled with bamboo, has a small entrance 4m up one side with a strong draught. To the left, there is a soil slope leading past a small, blocked tube, to a passage that chokes. Before the choke there is a tight, vertical rift.
   To the right of the entrance, a low crawl leads to a 7m pitch. At roof level a wide rift at right angles appears to close down after 6m. At the pitch base, a rift with a lens-shaped hole at eye level leads to a cross rift. The right leads to a small, choked chamber after 2m; the left leads to another tight rift where the draught descends. Stones appear to drop another 10m but there is no prospect of digging.
   Back at the pitch base, a low crawl of 2m leads to a walking-size rift visible from the top. This closes down after 6m. Half way across the a rift (which is a continuation of the draughting rift) leads off tightly for 10m to a calcited boulder blockage which may yield to persuasion.
   In April 2019, it was noted that the draught comes up a p8 - a very tight rift that would need capping all the way down. A blocked passage near the entrance gave 2m of passage before closing in.

References: anon., 2009d (autumn logbook); anon., 2019b (Easter logbook)
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Survex file : April 2019