3318: dig
Seldesuto 30T 449558 4794516 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 293m
Area position

Updated 28th September 2012; 4th October 2017

[GPS readings of 30T 449674 4794731 and 30T 449572 4794522 are way out. The above grid reference is from the map.]
A draughting dig on the track bend and close to site 879. The draught comes from a too tight rift 1.5m down. Excavation continued in the summer 2017.
The bank on the west side of the track for tens of metres downhill of the entrance has a number of draughting cracks. (See IR video)

References: anon., 2009c (summer logbook); anon., 2012d (summer logbook); anon., 2017c (summer logbook)
Entrance pictures: 2000, 2009 & 2012 : 2017 : IR picture
Underground pictures :
Video : Capping, 2017 (YouTube) : Infrared walk up to the hole, summer 2017 (YouTube)
Detailed Survey :
Line Survey :
On area survey :
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