3315: Other Alum Pot, The
San Antonio 30T 446710 4800704 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: A) Altitude 197m
Length 40m Depth 20m
Area position

Updated 25th November 2009

Large open pot with no unaided route down. Approx 16-20m deep depending which side is descended. 15m x 20m diameter ellipse. Walls mainly large sandstone blocks covered in very loose undergrowth, the top half of which consists of the inevitable brambles. Floor of pot a trifle humid, covered in large boulders and rotting fallen trees which makes locating potential leads virtually impossible. No obvious draughts on very hot day.
The 'original' Alum Pot is site 3118.

References: anon., 2009c (summer logbook)
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