2183: Woodcutter's Cave
Cobadal 30T 447739 4798311 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 187m
Length 172m
Area position

Updated 14th October 2005; 7th October 2006; 24th April 2013

   A stream rises at the head of a small wooded valley below a 4m limestone cliff. The stream splits immediately inside the entrance. The left hand passage is stooping size for about 45m to a T-junction where, to the right, a tall rift passage can be followed in liquid mud, but has not been pursued. To the left the main passage continues, becoming small and partly excavated through mud walls. Some 30m from the junction, an excavated section squeezes through to a 12m high, drippy aven with a crawl through to a similar sized feature to the north. The muddy trench continues upstream for another 25m or so until more excavation is required at a sideways squeeze. "Station 0" on plastic paper  is on the northern mud wall at this point. There is a draught blowing out and no particular difficulties in scooping out the passage forward.
   In summer 2006, "30m" was added to the length beyond station 0 by removing mud from the walls. The passage continues with more work required. The new length remains unsurveyed due to the muddy conditions. "The next trip will need to survey this and continue with the mud mining". That trip occurred at Easter 2013, when there was a "huge stream exiting the cave". The passage at the end was pushed round a corner to a small pool with a cascade entering. This comes out of a rabbit-sized hole with no prospect of digging. A survey was carried out but there is something wrong with the data. The total length above is a reasonable figure.
   The Black Mud Inlet has been dug, disturbing some foul-smelling sediment. Several body lengths have been excavated and the passage continues much the same. Wearing a wetsuit is recommended.
   Just inside the entrance, straight ahead, a walking-sized route quickly leads to crawling round to the right then left past two dams. These are man-made with a water pipe. Water flows out from a narrow rift which has strange acoustics and could be enlarged.
Below the entrance, the resurging water sinks between large blocks without any immediate prospect (site 2184).

Reference: anon., 2005b (Easter & summer); Corrin Juan, 2006a; anon., 2006d (summer 2006); anon., 2013b (Easter logbook)
Entrance pictures: yes
Underground picture(s): stills from video
Video: exploration (Juan Corrin): 19Mb wmv  2.3Mb wmv
Detailed Survey : sketch from logbook  1:500 pdf file
Line survey:
On area survey: pdf file with Snottite, Torcida and Orchard Caves
Survex file: yes (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)