1974: Machorras, Torca de
Las Calzadillas 30T 446800 4795200 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 567m
Length 32m Depth 32m
Area position

Updated 6th May, 17th October 2004

An area of depressions with an area about 500x700m leads up to the southwest from Barrio de Calzadillas. The depression with this shaft is near the northwestern extremity of these features. The shaft is surround by barbed wire and has a small top with boulders. It could be about 40m deep with stone rattling down for 7 seconds.
It was descended at Easter 2004 to a depth of 32m to a bouldery slope and choke through which stones drop further.

Reference: anon., 2004a (February logbook); anon., 2004b (Easter logbook)
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