1887: cave
S Vega 30T 451526 4794793 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 423m
Length 37m Depth 3m
Area position

Updated 21st October 2003; 1st February 2006

The small, excavated entrance (just over the fence to the west of site 1514) leads to nearly 40m of small passage with some draughting digs to work at. The southwestern dig might now be passable by a small person.
A small piece of black pottery was found at the junction before this dig.
The site is controlled by a similar set of joints to nearby 1514, but is 10m lower at the nearest point.

Reference: anon., 2003b (Easter logbook); anon., 2003c (summer logbook); Corrin Juan, 2005
Entrance pictures: yes
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Video: entrance
Detailed survey: sketch  1:500
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Survex file: download this site with 1514 (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)