1403: cave
Cubija 30T 450543 4796261 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 232m
Length included in Campo, 0076 Depth 26m
Area position

Updated 25th February; 13th June 2007; 23rd September 2018

   The entrances are a metre uphill of the Cubija track just before it passes the entrance of Portón (site 76). Boulders cover two climbs into a bone strewn passage that immediately splits.
To the right a 3m climb down in a narrow rift reaches a calcited chamber after 10m. A small hole at the top of a flowstone ramp has a  passage widening beyond and a good echo.
The left route leads down to a small chamber with a draughting hole ahead that links through small passage to Cuvia del Campo. This was surveyed through in August 2018.
A scramble over a rock barrier and pool enters a squeeze at roof level and then a 6m climb down a calcited rift to a narrow passage that chokes after a squeeze. All ways on appear choked with calcite.
However a re-exploration in February 2007 found the following leads:
Lead 2 At the base of the 6m climb the passage divides, the one heading south terminates at a constriction in calcite, but the passage can be seen to enlarge and drop away. This is a good lead, requiring some excavation. The passage north reaches a rock window on the left which drops into a short section of rift and probably chokes. Just beyond window is a two metre drop into a passage; this is tight but passable and does not appear to have been checked out.
Lead 3 A traverse over the 6m climb leads to a flowstone ramp leading down to a second hole in the floor. A 4 metre climb reaches a floor with an undescended tight pitch of about 5 metres.
To the south is a slot in flowstone 15 centimetres wide and a metre high. Stones thrown through this gap bounce down an estimated 15 metres with resounding echoes - this is probably the best lead and it was enlarged in April 2007. This entered an elliptical shaft up to two metres wide and five metres long. The pitch closed in to a few centimetres and was blocked by rocks 17 metres below the constriction. Lead three, and the un-descended tight pitch noted in the description connect, the tight pitch was the route followed as lead three hit a further constriction. Although there is a draught at the bottom the rift is too constricted to dig.
Lead 4 At the top of the calcite flow at the west end of the upper passage is a squeeze under a false floor to a drop down into a small chamber; holes in the floor on the north side drop into a block strewn passage going both ways - entry needs a few minutes work with a crow bar. Part way up slope on west side of chamber a hole again requires excavating to enter a continuation. At top of slope a run in from the north blocks a continuation which can be seen to continue, shouting along this produces an echo.
This area was checked out in April 2007. the lower of these was pushed for a few metres to a small chamber with a floor of calcite covered blocks, small holes lead down, above was a climb to a further enlargement with a window in the south west wall. This was not entered as it appeared to be connected with the known cave, (Though this could not be found when looked for later). A further climb entered a small breakdown chamber; this was not pushed as it appeared unstable and must be very close to the surface. Back at the start, the hole part way up the slope was enlarged, though not quite big enough to pass through. The continuing passage could be seen to drop away quite steeply, and was large enough to follow. A hammer and chisel would be needed to loosen compact breccia at top of hole. In total the April extensions in leads 3 & 4 probably added about 30 metres and increased the depth by 15 metres.
One strange thing was noticed on the way out on the April 2007 visit - the draughting hole connecting 1403 to Cuvia de Campo was blowing very strongly but no draught was observed when climbing out of site 1403. Where does the draught go? The other leads in this cave are still worth pursuing.
The leads can be found on the annotated plan and elevations

Reference: anon., 1999b (Whit logbook); anon., 1999c (logbook); anon., 2007a (February logbook) ; anon., 2007c (Whit logbook); Corrin Juan, 2007a; anon., 2018c (summer logbook)
Entrance picture(s): yes
Underground picture(s): twin entrances  connection to Cuvia del Campo (site 76)
hading rift to the southwest   formations formations at end 1  2  Enlarging lead 3
Detailed survey:
Line survey: 1:500 with Portón
1:500 plan showing 2007 connection with Cuvia del Campo
Annotated survey and elevation showing leads discovered in February 2007
2018 survey linked to Campo (0076)
On area survey:
Survex file: yes : Campo - 1403 (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)