1246: cave
S Vega 30T 451212 4794281 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 560m
Length 30m Depth 8m
Area position

Updated 30th August 1998; 18th June 2007; 5th May 2019

   A climb down a loose, sandy cobble slope in a hollow containing a stunted hazel tree (near an oak tree) leads to several chambers which need pushing. The site is about 30m long and has a good inward draught.
    A climb up the boulders to the right and two 2m climbs down through the choss, meets a descending tube for 8m which chokes but may dig.

   A visit in the winter showed a chossy entrance chamber with loose slopes rising up. The draught may disappear into the bouldery floor.

   Some digging was carried out in December 2018 when video and photos were also taken.

Reference: anon., 1997b (logbook); anon., 1997c (Christmas logbook); anon., 1998d (logbook); anon., anon., 2018e (Christmas logbook)
Entrance picture : Spring 2007 : December 2018
Underground pictures: December 2018
Video : December 2018
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