0999: cave (AD-60)
Caburrao 30T 457108 4795786 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 245m
Length 25m Depth 3m
Area position

Updated 5th March, 20th June 2021

   (This site code 0999 was reallocated in 2021 after duplicating site 0459 on S Vega.)
   A small cave with old bottles explored and documented by ADEMCO and included here for completeness as it's situated between sites 2693 and 3230, close to the track rising up from San Miguel de Aras and very close to the (repositioned) 2693.
   The cave is located in a wooded sinkhole on the south / east side of the track. The entrance is about 2 meters wide by 70cm at the highest point. A descending gallery with a mud floor rises in height. In the final part there is a good size block. A little before the end of the gallery, on the left side left, a small step gives access to a small room. Some old bottles were deposited inside the cave.

Reference: anon., 2021a (January, February logbook); Memorias de Exploración ADEMCO 2020, pp28 - 30; anon., 2021b (Spring logbook)
Entrance picture : ADEMCO 2020
Underground picture(s): ADEMCO 2020
Detailed Survey : ADEMCO 2020
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