0903: shaft (M43 (SEAD))
Mullir 30T 455718 4795521 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 649m
Length 32m Depth 22m
Area position

Updated 6th May 2009

Sprayed M43 in green paint. The 2 x 1.5m drop is 22m deep in a fine fluted shaft. The landing is on a 10 x 7m base with a large alcove to the southwest with moon milk.

A massive shaft lies nearby and has a 3 second drop followed by 7 second rattle. Is this the same as the 6 second free fall from a tree trunk written in the notes? Use number 905 when sorted out. (This was not seen at Easter 2009).

Reference: anon., 1992b (logbook); anon., 2009a (Easter logbook)
Entrance picture : yes
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