0714: cave
Piluca 30T 451678 4794011 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: M) Altitude 588m
Length 60m Depth 20m
Area position

Updated 19th October 2010; 5th, 13th May 2019

   A small rift entrance leads to a climb which gets bigger. A 5m pitch onto a steep calcite slope leads to a 10m pitch into a large decorated chamber with a dog skeleton. The quoted length is a guess.
    Tagged 714.
   Searches in December 2018 and April 2019 failed to find the site.

Reference: anon., 1988 (logbook) (survey); anon., 2010c (summer logbook); anon., anon., 2018e (Christmas logbook); anon., 2019b (Easter logbook)
Entrance picture :
Underground pictures: yes
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