0366: J.R., Torca de
La Secada 30T 451254 4797527 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 232m
Length 25m Depth 21m
Area position

Updated 1st October 2007; 16th April 2008; 4th May 2009; 10th January, 16th September 2017

   A 20m pitch, initially constricted and broken by 2 ledges, drops to a tight rift which has been excavated in various ways since 1984. The entrance has a strong draught according to a possible visit in 1990 and the draught is audible at the end.
   The site was re-descended over Christmas 1996 and described as a wide rift pitch with several landings to a flat, stony floor. A narrow rift goes off with the draught audible about 5m away. "Sideways, flatout traversing by a dwarf may lead to progress".
   On a trip in 2007, the draught was again heard and avens explored. A "moderate amount" of work is required to open up the rift to give a view around the corner. Some enlarging occurred over Easter 2008 and it is still worth pursuing.
   With the draught still audible on New Year's Day, 2017, the dig was enlarged to where a GoPro "possibly showed some sort of passage that could be big enough to get your hand in". However, after a number of trips in August 2017, capping a crawl and removing a flake guarding "the next drop", it was decided that the site would need "some very serious destruction". This can be seen on the video.

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Video: The end, August 2017
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