0339: shaft
S Vega 30T 450422 4794893 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 466m
Length 7m Depth 7m
Area position

Updated 24th January, 25th May 2003; 1st February 2006; 20th May 2017; 1st May 2018

A choked shaft.

References: anon., 1982 (logbook); Corrin J, 1983c; card; anon., 2002d (Christmas logbook); anon., 2003b (Easter logbook); Corrin Juan, 2005; anon., 2017b (Easter logbook); anon., 2018b (Easter logbook)
Entrance picture : yes :  re-exploration :  video of entrance : 2017
Underground picture(s): view down the shaft   video of exploration
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Line Survey :
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