0287: Campuvijo, Cueva de (Campo Viejo, Cueva de)
Ogarrio 30T 456564 4793078 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 123m
Length 925m
Area position

Updated 18th January 2004; 30th October 2007; 10th September, 3rd November 2021

("The wet weather resurgence at the base of a cliff. This was first noted in 1976 with a draughting hole that could be dug on the right hand side." This more likely applies to site 5137, Coverón.)

The cave has been entered by the F.C.M.E. (see reference BV, site 15) The eastern entrance has been explored to a sump some 160m to the north. This sump appears to be 4m wide and might make a good diving site.

The western entrance appears to lead to a much smaller series of passages and two smaller sumps.

Reference Valero Enrique y Soriano Ángel, 2007 suggests that there is a hydrological link between this site and the Sumidero de Monticueva (Voto). The latter site is at 30T 0461004 4795145 alt. 487 (ETRS89: 30T 460902 4794936) in the Alcomba area, 2km N of the Casa de Alcomba. The entrance is nearly 5km from the resurgence; the sump at 302m altitude is 3.6km from the resurgence. A survey for the Sumidero can be found on the Spanish cave rescue site and here.

The site might better be called Campo Viejo? (JCFG)

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References: anon., 1976 (logbook); anon., 1981 (logbook); Corrin J, 1983c; anon., 1993a (survey); Valero Enrique y Soriano Ángel, 2007; anon., 2021c (summer logbook); anon., 2021d (autumn logbook)
Entrance pictures : November 2020
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Detailed Survey : from anon., 1993a (AEC Lobetum): high res  low res
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