0252: Decepción, Torca la (top entrance)
La Secada 30T 453024 4798423 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 239m
Length 216m Depth 52m
Area position

Updated 24th April 2012; 20th May 2017; 1st May, 10th December 2018; 12th May 2019; 10th, 19th, 29th September 2021

   The entrance is in a tree-lined depression and has been wrongly tagged "873". Originally, a drop between boulders ended in a choked chamber. At Easter 2018, the entrance was enlarged; an alternative entrance dug open and sub-phoned (site 4732); a nearby draughting route excavated to walking passage and a run-in, and the whole system surveyed to a length of 82m.
   Digging continued in the autumn 2018 when a large number of spiders were noted and a probable bear tooth excavated. More digging was carried out at Easter 2019 and bat droppings were noticed along with beetles eating the remains of beetles in the guano. Work continued in 2020 and a lower series was explored in the summer 2021 - see 4732.

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Entrance pictures : Easter 2012 : Easter 2017 : Easter 2018 see also site 4732
Underground pictures: Easter 2018 : autumn 2018
Detailed Survey : Easter 2018, including 4732 : amended after autumn 2018 : after summer 2021 pdf: Plan and Elevation
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : after summer 2021