0128: Espina, Torca de la
Muela 30T 454102 4796699 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 620m
Length 233m Depth 90m
Area position

Updated 17th September 2000; 9th November 2003; 22nd October 2007; January 10th, February 21st 2017

   A 29m pitch lands in a large chamber which then descends over mud and calcite to a choke.
   Spanish cavers have marked the site M6 SEAD and describe the chamber as 150 x 70 x 30m. A long time was spent in 1994 looking at the choke.
   The site was revisited in 2007 and the following account written:
   The cave consists of a 30 metre entrance drop, the last 10 metres being clear of wall. This lands at the top of a steep slope of rocks and silt in a very large passage. On north side of the amphitheatre a steep slope up ends at a small blind chamber. A little lower down on the south side is a desperate climb of 10 metres up moon milk and gours. This breaks out at the base of a high shower bath aven with large window 15 metres up (passage or alcove?). Passing the shower bath inlet the main passage descends over slippery calcite flows and gours at about 40 degrees. The roof lowers to about 12 metres before rising again at a series of high avens before the passage finally chokes in large breakdown blocks. The choke has many nooks and crannies and a way on could exist. The whole cave needs a thorough check and proper survey.
   In December 2016, digs at the base were all found to be in sandstone and climbing the three impressive avens was thought to be "difficult with the soft cheese nature of the rock". The site was resurveyed.

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Entrance picture : yes
Underground picture(s): from 2007 : from 2016
Detailed Survey : from 1980: low res  high res  from 2007: extra detail : resurvey 2016
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