0104: Fuente las Varas, Cueva de
Fuente las Varas 30T 452881 4798991 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 440m
Length 200m Depth 30m
Area position

Updated 22nd April 2001; 25th April 2001; 26th September 2007; 18th February 2012

The entrance is at the end of a concrete drainage ditch at the side of the main road. Upstream to the right eventually becomes too low after 120m. The other route, after various contortions at roof level, drops into a washed-out shale bed and ends at the head of a 27m pitch. The landing is in a high, sandy-floored rift. Upstream narrows down, but downstream carries a draught which disappears into a phreatic spongework. Digging could be a possibility? Water was visually dye tested in April 2001 to a tiny immature resurgence (site 1614), 30m below the sink. There is little point in digging but Cueva de Fuente las Varas still needs surveying. The cave appears on the Cueva Hoyuca and the Four Valleys System Hydrology diagram.

An undocumented trip in 1996 turned back in the nasty entrance passages.

It has been suggested that Fuente las Varas should be Fuente de las Varas.

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Hydrology (Terry Whitaker): Hoyuca and the 4 Valleys System