0072: Hoyos, Sima de los
Cubija 30T 450346 4796240 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 277m
Length 200m Depth 33m
Area position

Updated 3rd May 2007; 3rd May 2009; 4th October; 13th December 2010; 26th September 2012; 28th February 2013; 7th September 2017; 21st September 2018; 8th March 2021

A 22.5m drop off the western side of the pot lands on boulders. A short crawl on the right hand side leads to a large (25 x 35m) chamber with a well decorated, low passage leading off for approximately 70m and choked at the end. A junction half way along this passage leads to a well decorated chamber with empty gour pools and stal ending at a flowstone wall. A slot in the floor chokes after 4m.

To the left of the pitch chamber, a route leads down a loose boulder slope to a 25 x 25m chamber. A calcited skeleton of a possible bear with 4cm long incisors and a 35 x 15cm skull lies in the centre of this chamber. A number of other bones and antler remain litter the floors. At Easter 2009, photographers removed boots and walked around in wetsuit socks to conserve formations and deposits.

Photos were taken in August 2017 but not shared. Photos from 2018 are shown below.

In an act of idiotic vandalism, the bear skeleton was removed early in 2021. This was brought to light on Facebook.

References: Kendal Caving Club and Manchester University Speleological Society, 1975; Corrin J S and Smith P, 1981; anon., 1994b (logbook); material in file; Corrin J, 1994b; anon., 2007b (Easter logbook); Corrin Juan, 2007a; anon., 2009a (Easter logbook); anon., 2017c (summer logbook); anon., 2018b (Easter logbook); anon., 2018c (summer logbook); anon., 2021a (January, February logbook); Facebook
Entrance pictures : 2009 & 2018
Underground picture(s):
photos from summer 2018
complete panorama tour of Los Hoyos (Paul Fretwell, Sept 2012)
interactive panorama photos of the chamber: 1 2
photos from summer 2010
photos from Easter 2009
bones, skeletons and formations (Easter 2007)
3D photos and printing
Detailed Survey : 1:500 pdf
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : yes (Amended magnetic declination December 2013 to align with Eur79 grid and coordinates altered to fit ETRS89 datum, April 2014.)