0046: Reguilón, Sima del
Seldesuto 30T 448354 4794547 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 400m
Length 100m Depth 93m
Area position

Updated 30th August 1998; 19th February 1999; 17th September 2000; 8th November 2003; 9th October 2004; 2nd October 2011

An impressive, 20m wide, choked shaft which had been descended by only one Spaniard before 1986. The farmer reported that the Tortosa Group has descended to -140m but had stopped because it was too loose. Marked VT196.

In 1987 the main 70m pitch was dropped to a window onto an 8m pitch to a boulder floor and two ways on. The first, directly under the pitch was not looked at. The second hole leads to a 3m climb into a small chamber and onto a 10m pitch. The pitch is blind and the draught lost.

Jordi from the Catalans says that the entrance pitch is 100m but the shaft was re-explored in 1998 to where car-sized boulders were moving in a funnel.

In 2000, a traverse was started to a possible passage near the top of the entrance. In 2011, this was attempted again but abandoned when it became clear that some sort of bolting seat was required.

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