0029: Subterránea, Cueva
Mullir 30T 454407 4795414 (Datum: ETRS89. Accuracy code: G) Altitude 470m
Length 108m
Area position

Updated 6th November 2003; 13th May 2006; 2nd May 2007; 3rd May 2009; 27th March 2021

The entrance leads down over gour pools to a well decorated, 30m long chamber beyond an ancient wall. The villagers believe that the pools of this cave contain salt water.
At Easter 2006, a dig was started at the rear of the cave, probably where "sumidero" is marked on the 1964 survey. During Easter 2007 use was made of a pump to remove water before the dig was restarted. Progress is now starting to descend as the roof lowers.
At Easter 2009, after 3 days of digging, enthusiasm dropped as the excavators were not sure where to dig.

References: Fernández Gutiérrez et al, 1966 (survey); Kendal Caving Club and Manchester University Speleological Society, 1975 (survey); Corrin J S and Smith P, 1981; anon., 1989 (logbook); anon., 2006b (Easter logbook); Corrin Juan, 2007; anon., 2007b (Easter logbook); Corrin Juan, 2007a; anon., 2009a (Easter logbook)
Entrance pictures : yes
Underground picture(s): photos around the dig: Easter 2006 & Easter 2007

Detailed Survey : from 1964: low res  high res. From 1975: low res  high res
Line Survey :
On area survey :
Survex file : reconstructed March 2021 (Reconstruction notes)